Bereavement Flight Discounts – Everything Need to Know

Compassion in the Skies: Navigating Bereavement Flight Discounts

A bereavement flight provides a discounted rate on short-notice flights to the immediate family members of someone who passed away or is critically ill. Note that you can't book bereavement flights online yourself. You must provide proof of the bereavement circumstances to the airline. This category discount is known as the Bereavement Flight Discount. Therefore, if you have lost your loved ones like your mother, father, kids, or spouse, you can choose this discount on the flight booking for last-minute travel. Last-minute flights are so much more expensive for travelers, when they want to go to any place at the last minute because of the loss of someone, they need to check the discounts and offers.

How do you get Bereavement Flight Discounts?

So many airlines offer medical emergency fares, and this time you can get the best deals for reservations during this challenging time by using the Bereavement Flight Discounts for the airline. Therefore, this is the right way for travelers to book airline tickets at the cheapest price. There are so many travel agencies where you can find this category discount. Faressaver is also the top agency, where you can find great deals under this category because we understand the requirement of tough times for the flyers.

How do bereavement flights work?

Booking bereavement flights is essential for the flyers because without knowing this, they can’t proceed to buy cheap tickets. First of all, these tickets are not available online, and you can’t book them yourself online. You must contact the airline's customer support and submit the relevant proof. After the airline provides the discount details, book your tickets under bereavement for cheap flight tickets.

Whenever you are thinking of availing the discount under this category of bereavement fare, then you must provide the support document for the loss such as a copy of the death certificate, the funeral director's statement, the coroner's statement, registration issued by a provincial government.

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Major Airlines in the United States to Avail Bereavement Flight Discount

There are many airlines in the USA that offer bereavement flight discounts for air tickets. Here is a list of all those airlines. You can grab cheap tickets under this category.

1. Alaska Airlines

A major airline that you need to know about the United States is Alaska Airlines. Yes, this airline is offering a bereavement flight option for customers to travel within seven days of the death of a loved one. Therefore, if you are eligible as per the airline program, you will receive at least a 10% discount for the lowest price fare for the desired trip or the particular destination you want to reach. On the other hand, this discount cannot be combined with the rate reductions and another discount category like a military discount. Alaska Airline Bereavement discount is available on behalf of Alaska by Horizon or SkyWest-operated airline.

What is the qualification to avail of this discount?

The company offers the discount to only customers who booked flight tickets for domestic routes and lost their spouse, partner, child, parent, siblings, grandparents, half-siblings, aunt, uncle, niece, and nephew. Travelers older than 18 and members of the Mileage Plan can qualify for this discount.

Air Canada

Air Canada is the next airline you must know about the bereavement discount. This airline offers a discount for any economy class fare on the flights operated by Air Canada Express, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Airlines.

What is the qualification to avail of this discount?

Air Canada's bereavement flight discount is available if you are eligible per the airline's policy. You must be eligible for the airline discount. This discount on Air Canada bereavement flights is only available for immediate family members such as spouses, children, parents, siblings, legal guardians, or spouses. same-sex relationships, as well as ex-spouses, are also part of the qualification or eligibility to get the bereavement flight discount in the US.

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Delta Air Lines

Delta Air is another popular airline in the United States that you need to know about the bereavement discount. This airline provides domestic and international bereavement flights. However, you just need to read the airline's policy, and the booking can be confirmed via phone because this type of discount category for bookings is not available on the website. You can call 1-800-221-1212 for domestic flights or 1-800-241-4141 for international flights.


1. What is a bereavement discount flight?

It is a discount when someone loses their loved ones and wants to book last-minute flight tickets at a cheap price.

2. How do you book a Delta bereavement domestic flight ticket?

You can call on 1-800-221-1212.

3. Can I book a bereavement flight discount ticket online?

No, this type of booking is not available online and you need to call the customer care of the airline.