Breaking Down the Best Time to Book Cheap European Flights

Europe! The destination is not only romantic but also expensive to travel and explore. However, there are some essential months and the best times to book cheap Europe flights for the passengers that they need to reveal. What is the right time to find affordable flights for this destination? We are here to give the answer to this question from the above blog, and you can understand how you can find a cheap flight to Europe by selecting a particular time frame for your travel goals.

There is no doubt that Europe is a frequent travel destination for the world, as per data from the UN World Tourism Organization. Every year, this region hosts more than 1 billion tourists, which is very high in comparison to the other areas. Do you need help with the budget for the travel goals? No worries because we are here with the hacks to travel to this destination, and you can pay less flying costs by using the above ideas.

What are the key takeaways?

Late fall and winter months are cheaper than any other season time to travel in Europe. Do you want to know the exact month's name? Well, mid to late October and mid to late March are both affordable for flyers to fly to Europe. On the other hand, choosing December to fly means you will see the high prices of the tickets. Hence, mid-weeks are cheaper to fly in a month, and in terms of day, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the two most affordable days to fly to Europe.

The time mentioned above helps you get the lowest price discount from the United States for Europe and Asia. It is essential to understand the route methodology first because if you choose the busiest route to fly, then your airline tickets may cost a higher price.

Why should one pick the off-season to fly to Europe?

Breaking down the best time to book cheap flights to Europe is very easy for flyers when they are choosing the off-season time to fly. People who like to fly and explore leisure travel vacations should travel to Europe because peak travel to this destination costs too much airfare. Thus, you must select the off-peak tickets because it is the easiest way to find the best deals on airfare.

What about the summers? Are summers cheaper to fly in Europe? Well, late May and early June are cheaper, but during the time of July and August, again, the ticket prices will go higher, and it may not be affordable for families to travel in Europe.

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Which is the most expensive time to travel?

July and August are both the most expensive months to fly and travel to Europe. The crowd is already at its peak, and that's why you will not only be able to see the spike in ticket prices but also in hotel prices too. However, there are so many benefits of winter vacations at this destination, but cheaper airfare is not possible.

Let's check the reality of December

On the other hand, let's talk about the reality of December because no one wants to talk about this month. As it is the New Year and Christmas time eve, the family and couple want to plan a vacation in Europe. What do you think about this? December is a good time for families to travel to Europe, but this is only good for those families and couples who can spend a lot on premium holidays for flights and hotel bookings.

Make a Decision – Cheapest Time to Fly to Europe

So, let's decide on the cheapest time or best time to book cheap international flights because everyone wants to know the one-line answer to this question.

March and October are the cheapest times to fly to Europe, and you can easily find cheap ticket deals during this off-season time.

Hence, let's finish this conversation because now you have a clear idea related to this concern about traveling to this leisure destination.

Never book tickets from New York to London

Why are we talking about this statement? Well, avoiding the busiest air travel is essential for the flyers, and they should avoid this. If you are from the US and thinking of traveling from the United States to Europe, then you should avoid this because it is the busiest air route and also one of the most expensive routes to travel.

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Seasonality matters a lot

Hence, seasonality matters a lot, and according to all flight booking trends and leading search engines (including Faressaver), trip tickets are cheaper for flyers when they choose the low-season time to travel.

Final Words to Know

Therefore, breaking down the best time to book cheap flights to Europe is essential for flyers when they are thinking of making their travel convenient and affordable. We hope the above blog is helpful in understanding the right time and off-season time to book the trip to Europe. It is the most expensive destination to travel but the holiday plan can become affordable as well when you pick the suitable days and months to fly to Europe.


1. Which is the cheapest time to travel in Europe?

March and October are the cheapest time to travel to this destination.

2. What time is the cheapest time to book cheap flights to Europe in Summer?


3. What time is the cheapest time to book cheap flights to Europe in winter?

It is mid-October.

4. What are the cheapest days to travel to Europe?

Tuesday and Wednesday

5. Which is the busiest travel route between the US and Europe?

It is from New York to London.