Charleston International Airport - Everything You Need to Know

Exploring Charleston International Airport: A Traveler's Handbook

When it comes to choosing the correct airport for departure goals, you must know about some significant airports in the US. Exploring Charleston is such a fantastic idea when you visit the airport because there are so many things to do and activities to do there. This is a Joint Civil-Military Airport located in North Charleson, South Carolina, United States. The Charleston County Aviation Authority mainly operates this airport under a joint-use agreement with Joint Base Charleston. CHS is the airport code of this airport. Charleston International Airport has its importance in the United States, and when you are looking for more information about this airport, then read this blog till the end.

When it comes to the busiest airport in South Carolina, Charleston International Airport consistently ranks first. There are some major things that you need to know about this airport. Not only the busiest airport but also amazing in terms of amenities and services.

Which International Airports are near Charleston, SC?

Charleston International Airport is the primary airport and nearest airport of SC. Therefore, if you are thinking of exploring the great dining and shopping experience at this place, then you must know all about the major things of this airport. Lounge access is also accessible, and if you want to take a rest at the airport, then you must visit the airport lounge. Shopping lovers can explore the significant brands' stops for the shopping experience. The dining experience and first-class dining expertise are available.

Are rental cars available from the airport?

Yes, rental cars are available from the airport, and you can book or hire a taxi from the airport online anytime. No matter if it is day or night, the taxi service is available 24 hours a day, and now you can book the taxi service through the app or directly offline as well. Rental cars, hotels, and lounges are the most important services for flyers.

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Office Website of the airport

There is an official website for flyers where they can find deals and book tickets for this airport. is the official website to find deals, and the airport's main web page or website is Through the official website, you can find the most amazing deals and all the amenities and services at the airport.

How do you book a cheap flight to this airport?

When your next destination is Charleston Airport, you must know some essential hacks and ideas for booking cheap tickets. You can book cheap tickets online by using flight fares and hacks. The time has come to explore the best deals for booking air tickets, and now you can find the best offers. Online booking is the right way for flyers, and they can manage their travel booking with us.

Be Flexible

You must be flexible about travel dates. When your next destination is South Carolina, and you are looking to buy a cheap flight ticket, make sure that you are flexible because flexibility is the key to success. It is important for you to be flexible about travel dates. Make sure to avoid the weekends because when you avoid the weekends, you are going to avoid the expensive tickets.

Book at Faressaver

It is essential to consider Faressaver for travel booking because this is the leading travel agency for booking cheap flight tickets. Therefore, you can consider this agency for booking because thousands of Charleston International Airport flights are available for flyers.

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Use coupon codes.

On the other hand, using coupon codes and promo codes is also important because you can't avoid booking a flight without using deals. Offers and coupon codes are available for flyers, and they can manage their travel booking using cost-effective budget ideas.


Hotels near Charleston International Airport are also available in the low-budget and high-budget as per your requirement. When you are choosing to book the flight ticket, then make sure you make the booking of the hotel as well because you need to do this to manage everything at the fingertips of an affordable budget. This is the time to consider airline ticket booking at the minimal price at the Faressaver because we are offering the best deals.


1. Which is the busiest airport in South Carolina?

It is the Charleston International Airport Code.

2. What is the airport code of Charleston International Airport?

It is CHS.

3. How many passengers are served by this airport?

1.6 billion in the year.

4. Which airline has the focus city as the Charleston Airport?

Breeze Airways.