Global Entry: Everything You Need to Know Before Applying

Exploring all over the world is the dream of so many people. However, from Visa to Immigration, everything is not easy to travel in all countries. There is a benefit for travel lovers that they can avail themselves of for reducing the immigration process: global Entry. It helps you reduce the time you spend waiting at the security points. You need to know some significant things about the worldwide entry requirements. You can learn everything from this blog, from the interview process to timing.

Glimpse of Global Entry Definition

Global Entry is a program by the US government called the Trusted Traveler Program. Whenever you are returning from any other country to the US, from an international or domestic trip, then by using the feature of Global Entry, you will get the self-service kiosks and immigration. This is a quick process to clear the waiting time in immigration. Global Entry is also suitable for all travelers who want to save time on paperwork while returning from an international trip.

There are other benefits to this program, including TSA PreCheck membership, which is a separate program for US travelers through which they can complete airport security faster. People associated with the TSA Pre Check membership will get the designated security lane, which is the standard lane. Another advantage is that you don’t need to remove the shoes.

Myth About American Citizenship Required for Global Entry

There is a myth behind the flyers that they must be an American citizen to use the global entry benefit. This is just a myth because no global entry requirements specify this rule. This travel program is also available for non-US citizens and permanent residents of other countries. However, there is a list of eligible countries for the US global entry requirements: Argentina, Brazil, Bahrain, India, Colombia, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Panama, South Korea, Switzerland, Singapore, Taiwan, and Mexico.

Global Entry Interview – What You Need to Know

We know you must book a slot first for the global Entry. However, if you are not a US resident, you can also complete the interview process upon arrival in the US. After that, travelers must fill out an online application using the Trusted Travelers Program System. There is one more conditional approval required to qualify for the interview.

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Delays are expected in Global Entry Renewals

Now, let’s talk about the global entry renewal process delays. Why it takes so long? Once you submit the renewal form of global Entry before the last membership expires, CBS will allow you to receive a 24-month global entry access benefit.

Family Terms to Know

People who have kids need to do separate enrollment for the Global Entry. For families, each member required a separate global entry membership. For example, if you have the TSA Pre Check, your children cannot enter the worldwide entry line with you.

The application process for global Entry is the same for children, and a $ 100 fee is applicable. There will be a separate interview for your child. The interview depends on the child's age, and a legal parent or guardian must be present during the interview.

For New Passport – Global Entry Can Be Updated as well

On the other hand, if you get a new passport, there is no need to apply for the additional Global Entry membership; you must also update the Entry to complete this task, log in to your account, make the required changes, and update the membership.

Global Entry Card is a Valid Federal ID

Once you get a Global Entry membership, it is also a valid form for a Federal ID, and you can use this card for lawful US entry.

How to Use Global Entry at KIOSK?

After the approval, it is easy for the flyers to use the Global Entry lane. Now, let’s talk about “how KIOSK works.” It depends on the destination of the traveler. You can use fingerprints, take a photo, answer the question, and, lastly, take a printout that you got from the CBP officer. In some locations, travelers only need to scan their faces, and it is a paperless Global Entry process.

The Bottom Line

Hence, these are the things that you need to know about the Global Entry requirements. If you want to save time at the US airport while returning from a domestic or international trip, this is the right way to complete your journey. Therefore, this is all about the Global Entry requirements. It would help if you were prepared for all questions while appearing in the Global Entry interview. You can visit the official website as well to proceed the requirements.

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1. What is a Global Entry?

It is a traveler loyalty program in the US through which flyers can get fast security checks and KIOSK lines because of the credible members.

2. Does Global Entry need renewal?


3. Are non-US residents eligible for the Global Entry?


4. Is India eligible for the Global Entry?

Yes, India is an eligible country.

5. What is the average maximum waiting period for the Global Entry?

It is around six months.