Your Dream Vacation Awaits at La Playa Beach and Golf Resort, Florida

There are so many golf resorts in Floria, but one resort that gained so much popularity among the visitors is La Playa Beach and Golf Resort. Yes, this resort gained so much popularity among the audience because of the many attractions and attractive things to do. When you are looking for a luxurious and premium place to stay, then you can choose this resort because it has been popular for the best things to do. Everyone loves the peace and comfort at this place. Through this blog, you can know everything about this place.

Things to Know About Best Golf Resort in Florida

There is no doubt that LaPlaya Beach and Golf Club is among the best resorts in Florida. Therefore, if you are thinking of knowing more about this place, then you should know about the significant things about this place. Here, you can get to know the best things about this resort before booking. When you need clarification about the facts and the major things related to this golf club resort, then read this blog till the end.

The Best Place to Visit in South Florida

This is an excellent place to visit because you can unhide the oceanfront view, and this is a place that gives you a feeling of heaven. What are you thinking right now? Are you thinking of exploring this heaven-rich beauty of South Florida? You can book this resort online and spend a day or a week there for peace of mind. People can discover their personal goals at Naples Florida Beach Resort, and this resort is located between the Gulf of Mexico and Vanderbilt Bay. The rooms and suites are brand new, and the luxurious spa is the main iconic point of this place. This is an award-winning resort.

Dine with us at BALEEN Naples.

BALEEN Naples offers visitors a unique dining experience with multiple cuisine options. You can enjoy your food with fantastic sunset views. Thus, enjoy the upscale dining room and have the best experience. A good dining experience is a must when you are going to enjoy your food at any beach and resort. Therefore, whenever you are going to find some good places near this resort, then also don’t miss those places.

Newly Renovated Rooms and Suits

On the other hand, spending a good amount of money on a resort experience means you can’t avoid the conditions and situation of the rooms. When we talk about the rooms and suits of La Playa Beach and Golf Resort in Florida, we can say that they have newly renovated rooms and suits. From furniture to lighting, everything is modern and unique in this place.

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LaPlaya Golf Club

This is an 18-hole Robert Cupp-designed links golf course and clubhouse, and this place is perfect for all those golfers who want to escape from their personal life and just want to enjoy the game along with luxury. This resort living is one of the most luxurious things for the people that they can ever experience. This is the reason that this is among the best golf resorts in Florida.

Water Activities

Do you love the water activities? If you are on a trip to Florida, then don’t miss to visit this resort and club because they offer a wide range of water activities that you and your family will absolutely love. Many other family activities at La Playa Beach are available for the dream vacation, but water activities are the most popular. The beach offers you a private water sports rental at your fingertips, and they will also be able to organize a romantic dinner date for your partner.

Good Place for Fitness Lover – Gym and Yoga

People who are fitness freaks need to understand one more thing about this resort: they can enjoy the free Yoga classes and gym here. There are so many endless things to do for the premium experience of dream vacations, but keeping your body healthy is also crucial.

Bike Rentals and Sport Rentals Activities

From bike rentals to other sports rentals, activities are available at this award-winning golf club resort and beach. This is a perfect vacation gateway for all those families who are looking to escape from day-to-day problems.

Discounts and Offers

Hence, if you are thinking of booking this premium resort for your family, friends, and loved ones, then please believe in the advance purchase because it will help you to get at least a 20% discount on the booking. How far should I book the resort? You must book the LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort at least 21 days in advance because, with the 21 days prior booking, the resort is offering a 20% additional discount.

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Gift card options are also available at this resort. If you are thinking of giving something luxurious and a fantastic experience to your loved ones, then you must choose the resort gift cards. You can visit the official website and go to the gift card corner to know more. We all need peace and luxury at one stage of our lives. Hence, when you are planning for the dream vacation that is waiting for you right now, then make sure to choose the award-winning resort and great dining experience.


1. Can I plan a surprise proposal with some privacy for my partner at LaPlaya Resort?

Yes, this kind of local and customized activity is available at the place.

2. How to book a surprise date for my partner at this resort and club?

You can call on 800-237-6883.

3. What kind of rooms are available at La Playa Beach?

You can book private suits and rooms at the resort.

4. Which is the best golf club in South Florida?

La Playa Beach and Golf Resort.

5. What is the official website where you can check all the activities and things to do?

You can visit – www.laplayaresort.com