Everything Need to Know- Luggage Storage at Boston Logan Airport

Secure Your Belongings: Tips for Utilizing Luggage Storage at Boston Logan Airport

Many people are looking to secure their belongings and there are some tips for utilising luggage storage at Boston airport. If you have reached the airport just now and are looking for options, this is the right place. Here, we will introduce the complete details of the luggage and lockers. Logan International Airport is a significant airport in Boston and is among the busiest in Boston. Many flyers have a day tour of the city, and they don’t want to pay for any hotel; they just want to store their luggage at a secure place to take the city tour.

Finding Boston luggage lockers near me is a major concern for many flyers who are unable to find luggage storage near the airport. Do you need luggage storage in the airport before or during a layover? Many airports in the US offer storage lockers to offer secure and affordable options for storing bags on a short-term basis. While exploring the city, hanging with luggage is uncomfortable for anyone. Therefore, you need to know about the luggage storage options.

Can you store bags at Boston Logan Airport?

Well, there is no luggage facility at Boston Logan Airport. However, there are three other reasonable and convenient options near Logan Airport.

1. Rowes Wharf Water Taxi Terminal

2. South Station - Package Express or Amtrak

3. Frequent Traveler Hotel

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1. Water Taxi Option for Luggage Storage in Boston

You can find luggage storage in Boston at the Water Taxi. This is an option to secure your luggage. You can also get a fantastic view from the airport to Downton Boston using the water taxi. At the Rowes Wharf Water Taxi, you can find luggage storage because they offer this option to their passengers in a locked room at their Rowes Wharf office. Thus, whenever you get off your flight and reach the airport, then collect the luggage and reach this option by using the airport shuttle bus.

Contact information:

617-406-8584 (pickup), 617-261-6620 (questions), www.roweswharfwatertransport.com

South Station Luggage Storage Options

This is another amazing and easy option for storing your luggage, and this is South Station. There are three different options here, such as Greyhound Package Express, Teddy Ballgames, and Amtrak Baggage Room. Greyhound Package Express is located on Level 5 parking of the bus terminal. These are the three best options for flyers when they are looking for luggage storage options.

Frequent Traveler Luggage Storage Option

Finally, the third option for storing luggage or bags at the Boston Airport is frequent traveller luggage storage. Yes, if you have a frequent traveller status, you can look at the wide range of hotel chain options located in Boston at the airport. You can also call the hotel directly to see the available options for storing your bags for a few hours. This is a complimentary service.

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How to book a cheap flight to Boston Logan Airport?

Boston is a fantastic place to explore, but finding a cheap flight ticket to the airport means you need to use some intelligent hacks to book a flight ticket. Online web booking is the right way for flyers when they can save and book, but if you are unsure about the travel tickets booking, choose Faressaver travel agency to book flight tickets. Here you can explore many amazing deals that offer cheap flights to Boston Logan. However, you must be flexible about the travel booking and travel dates because it helps you manage the booking online.


Therefore, it’s all about information related to securing your belongings and tips for utilising luggage storage at Boston Logan Airport. We know that there are no options to store your luggage at the airport, but you can use all three options. Storing luggage at an affordable price is such a challenging task for flyers, and they never want to ignore this opportunity because they want to take the city tour as soon as possible.


1. How can I store my luggage at the airport?

Well, there is no facility for storing luggage at the airport.

2. What about luggage carts at Boston Logan Airport?

At Terminal E, you can find the luggage cards.

3. How early, you can proceed for checked bags at Boston Logan Airport?

4 hours before flying.

4. What is the cost of a luggage cart at Logan Airport?

It is $5 per use.

5. Is Boston Airport open all the time?

Yes, the airport opens all the time in the year.