The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Beijing: Cheap Flights to China with Faressaver Travel

Exploring China is such a good decision for the Flyers because they can explore lots of amazing things here. No matter it is your trip or a business trip? When you are thinking of getting a flight to China, then you need to manage all the things carefully and smartly. No ideas work for you when the approach is not in the right direction. Therefore, this blog works very well when you are choosing the right ideas and tips. This blog is the right place for the flyers, where they can know about the fantastic tips and ideas for the reservations.

This is the ultimate guide to exploring Beijing for flyers, and they can get a clear idea about how they can get cheap flights to China. Let’s get started. China is the most populated country in the world, and this country is known for its innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. They invent the most brilliant gadgets in the world with affordable pricing graphs.

Places to Visit in Beijing

These are the topmost places that you must visit when you are going to explore China and don’t miss the visit of these places because these places are the most reputed and famous places of Beijing. It is the Capital of China and that’s why most of the passengers choose the departure airport of this city whenever they are coming from any other country.

  • Great Wall of China
  • Forbidden City
  • Temple of Heaven
  • Beihai Park
  • Summer Palace
  • Ming Tombs

How to Book Online Flight to China?

No matter you are searching for this answer from the United States or Europe? The one answer to this question is the web page. This is the right place to find affordable flights to China for the passengers, and they can compare the thousands of deals for the reservations. Online booking of flights to China is easy for flyers, and there are three methods to do this task.

First is the airline's official website. You need to pick an airline from which you want to fly to the destination. Once you visit the airline's official website, then enter the arrival and departure airport code and check the prices. This is also a web space where you can find the best way to travel in Beijing.

Second is the third-party portals, and these are the travel booking websites. For example, Faressaver is the most popular portal where you can explore so many deals for reservations. With Faressaver, flyers can book airline tickets at the most reasonable pricing for China.

The third option to book the ticket online for China is the call the customer support number of Faressaver. They can contact our customer support executive to know about the best deals for the reservations.

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Tips to Book Cheap Flights for China

China is an expensive country in terms of reservations from the international destination. Thus, you must know about the tips and ideas for the booking of flight tickets. How to book a cheap flight to China? This question is so important to understand for the flyers because without using the appropriate ideas and hacks, they will not be able to find good ideas.

Cheapest Airlines to Fly to China

There is a wide range of airlines for the booking of cheap flights to China, but there are some prominent airlines that you need to know while booking a ticket. The flyers need to know about the right airline because if they don’t do this, then they can’t find good deals. These are the top 5 airlines that they can select while flying to Beijing and add this point in the ultimate guide to travel for this destination.

  1. Air China
  2. China Eastern Airlines
  3. China Southern Airlines
  4. Hainan Airlines
  5. Juneyao Airlines

Check China's OTA and Your Country's OTA Fares for Flight Booking

There are two types of OTA for reservations (OTA stands for Online Travel Agency): first is the agency of China, and second is the agency of your country. You can also get the pricing quote from both agencies and then know about the airfare deals. You may get a better deal from the country where you are going to land.

Check China Low-Cost Airlines

There are some airlines in every country that offer the cheapest airfare to passengers with fewer amenities. Hence, if you are thinking of paying less, then you can choose these low-cost airlines. For example, in the United States, JetBlue and Southwest are the low-cost airlines and in China, there are some airlines which are the cheapest for flyers. Here is the name of three –

1. Spring Airlines

2. 9 Air

3. China United

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Use Your Travel Points to Buy the Tickets

One more hack that you need to know for the best way to travel in Beijing and find cheap flights is using the travel points to buy plane tickets. Yes, it also works for the flyers.


These are the essential hacks in the ultimate guide to travel for Beijing, China and using these hacks allows you to find cheap flights for this destination.


1. How to book a cheap flight to Beijing?

a. uses the travel points.
b. Apply some promo codes.
c. Check the China OTA airfare costing.

2. What is the low-season time to fly for China?

Jan and Feb are both the cheapest months to fly for this destination.

3. Which is the cheapest airline to book China tickets?

9 Air offers the lowest airfare deals to the passengers.

4. Which is the cheapest day to book China Flights?

Find the flights on Friday and manage the online booking.

5. Is public transport available in Beijing?

Yes, you can use public transport to save on the cost of private taxis such as trains and buses.