Kona International Airport: Your Portal to Hawaiian Adventure

Kona Airport, or Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport, is a significant airport on the Island of Hawaii. The Airport is located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, United States. This is the second international Airport which is serving Hawaii Island, including Hilo International Airport on the Windward side. Kona International Airport offers many amenities and services to the flyers that they can avail themselves of for a fantastic travelling experience. The area of the Kona International Airport is around 3450 acres, and this Airport has services for domestic and international travel. The runway of the airport airport is around 11,000 feet.

Hawaii Flight Adventure – What You Need to Know?

There are many things to do and significant activities in the air that travellers can do on the flight. This is called the Hawaii Flight Adventure. Therefore, if you are thinking of considering the Hawaii Flight Adventure, then there are so many websites and service providers online. You can look at the service provider list, activities, vacation packages, pricing and more. With this, you can choose the right stuff for your vacation goals.

This is the best activity that the flyers can do in the air. From Bungee Jumping to The Aircraft services, there are different flying activities available for the flyers. They can do many unique activities and fun in Hawaii. Therefore, whenever you are thinking of exploring the Hawaii air adventure, then make sure that you have completed your homework in advance.

Best Kona International Airport Activities

Do you want to know the things to do at Kona International Airport? There are so many things to do and significant services and hostilities at the airport airport that you can explore. Here is the checklist.

Shop and Dining

The shopping and dining experience matters a lot for the flyers when they reach or arrive at any airport. Therefore, here are the things that you need to know about the Kona International Airport Shopping and Dining Experience. Both Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 have a shopping and dining experience. We mentioned all the shops' names and gift shop names at this Hawaii airport.

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Terminal 2 Shopping and Dinning Places -






Terminal 1 Shopping and Dining Places






Lost and Found Services at the Airport

Many times, due to the hurry situation, travellers lost their essential items at the airport airport, and some flyers found something meaningful for someone at the airport airport. What do you need to do in this situation? You need to reach out to or contact the Lost and Found department of Kona International Airport. This department is located near the Security office. You can also check the items left at the security checkpoints.

Free Internet Services

The free internet service allows you to use the hassle-free internet. Free internet access is the best thing for the flyers because they can ensure easy access to the WIFI. The accessible WIFI facility is available at the Airport, and the WIFI is called KOA Free WIFI. You need to launch the web browser on your device. Now, select the free unlimited WIFI to use the internet session.

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Airlines Support from Kona International Airport


(888) 247-2262


(888) 252-7522


(800) 223-5436

(800) 433-7300


(800) 221-1212


(800) 367-5320


(800) 525-3663


(800) 824-6200

Arrival & Departure Info (800) 241-6522

Reservations (800) 864-8331


(888) 937-8538


(866) 260-7070


(800) 435-9792

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Therefore, these are the things that you need to know about the Kona International Airport – your portal to Hawaiian Adventure. From the Airport to things to do, everything is fun for the flyers at this destination.


1. Which is the most popular Airport to land in Hawaii?

Kona International Airport.

2. What are the major airlines flying from Kona International Airport?

Alaska, Delta, United, Southwest, JetBlue and Japan Airlines.

3. What is the customer support number of Kona International Airport if I lose something?

Travelers can contact the Lost and Found Department at (808) 329-5073.

4. What is the security checkpoint phone number of Kona Airport if I have an issue related to check-in or checked baggage?

Call at (808) 334-8113.

5. Is a locker or storage facility available at the Kona International Airport?