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Lost Your TSA Number? Here's How to Find It in Minutes

The airport screening is the most crucial time for flyers because you must have all the essential documents. You must have all the necessary things and a TSA number when preparing to fly. What about if you lose your TSA number? There are different steps and rules that you need to follow before boarding a plane. Complete the complete form of TTP, a trusted traveler program like TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. Both steps are required to add convenience for air travel. Therefore, travelers can enjoy these programs if they want to make their screening smoother and more straightforward.

During enrollment in TSA PreCheck, a flyer will get a unique 9-digit number called a Known Traveler Number or (KTN). KTN called the TSA Pre-Check Number. This is the most trusted traveler program in the US for the citizen.

TSA PreCheck is very popular nowadays, and everyone wants to join this program because of its unique advantages. TSA Precheck is a significant traveler program for US citizens and lawful permanent residents. Once you complete the process and pay the fee for the membership for the last five years, you will get access to different or particular lanes designed to streamline the security process at the airport security checkpoints.

How to receive a Known Traveler Number

This is a 9-digit KTN number, and once you have completed the enrollment process in a TTP for the Global Entry, NEXUS, or TSA PreChec, you will get this number. KTN is essential for the flying goals because this is a unique number known as the unique identifier. Getting this number confirms that your status is valid for those program travelers. You will enter the KTN number after booking or checking your flight. Your verified status is essential and will appear on the boarding pass. Therefore, you can enter the designated security lanes after entering this number.

If lost, how do you find your TSA PreCheck number or KTN?

Did you lose your KTN or TSA number? How can you find the lost number? The TSA precheck number is very important for checking in before a flight, and there are different ways to find it after enrolling in a TTP.

Sign in to the trusted traveler program website

This is the first way to find the TSA or TTP number. Go to the official website, where you apply for TTP online, and once you set up your account, go to manage your application. Now, view the membership for the results. After getting the approval letter, it may take several days to arrive the TSA number in the mail, but the KTN number is still available once it has been approved. One of the fastest ways for users to get the KTN number is by signing on to the TTP website. If you applied for the TSA PreCheck Online,

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Signing in to the TTP website is the fastest way to get your KTN. For example, if you applied for TSA PreCheck online, you may have sign-in information to manage your application and membership. Once you complete the sign-in process at the program portal, then you should be able to locate your KTN. Therefore, whenever you need a TSA number, you can use the KTN number to view it.

View the Approval Letter

An approval letter will arrive after a week once you complete the enrollment in a TTP. Approval may also be received by e, which is the fastest way for the user to access their KTN. However, there are many times when the review process can take as long as 60 days, but KTN always contains your approval.

Look at the membership card.

All members receive a KTN for every trusted traveler program only for the Global Entry, NEXUS, and SENTRI-issued physical membership cards. The back of the card contains a 9-digit number called PASSID, which is equal to the KTN.

Known Traveler Number on card

You need to add your known traveler number to your bookings. You can check your flight by adding the KTN number. Whenever you book online tickets, you can also see the 9-digit KTN number and boarding pass, which reflect your status.

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A KTN is a unique 9-digit sequence-based number assigned after the approval of a trusted traveler program. Thus, it is valid for both TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. A KTN is usually used interchangeably with a TSA PreCheck number. Whenever you want to book a flight, you need to enter the KTN.