Navigating China's Rail System: A Faressaver Traveller's Handbook

Rail is the oldest and most traditional way to commute from one place to another. Are you going to fly to China this month or year and need clarification about the rail system or the country? This blog is perfect for you because here you can navigate China's Rail System in this "Faressaver Traveller's Handbook Guide." Getting the help of trains in China is not a new thing, but it is the easiest way to travel from one city to another with cost-effective pricing. Due to the fact that trains are an affordable and efficient means of travel, people consider using trains to travel in the country. You can enjoy the cheap and fantastic experience of a journey by train by using the above important points in the guide.

Is it Easy to Travel Around China?

Yes, there is no doubt that using a train to travel in China is not only cost-effective but also convenient for travellers. This is a developed country, and that's why all modern resources are available here. Therefore, using public transport like trains and buses is a cheaper option for the explorers, as they can save time and money.

China's Rail System – What You Need to Know?

First of all, never judge China's rail system because it is pretty good and impressive in terms of development and structure. The country is known for its high-tech innovations, and that's why the rail system is also fast, secure, and affordable for travellers in this country. There are so many rail maps as well that you can explore on Wikipedia or any other official Chinese government website to view more details.

How do you book train tickets in China?

We know that bullet trains are the cheapest, but you need to know about the process for booking tickets. If you are planning to save money on the bullet train booking, then select the second-class tickets. China first-class train tickets are based on VIP class tickets and are also expensive. However, sleeper bullet trains are less in the country.

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What are the types of trains in China?

There are two types of trains in the country: high-speed bullet trains and regular non-bullet trains. There is a particular code behind these trains, and the bullet train codes are C, D, and G. The colours of these trains are commonly white and grey, and they have bullet heads. When we talk about the running speed of these trains, they run at a speed of 250 to 350 kilometers.

On the other hand, when we talk about the non-bullet trains, we start with the codes Z, T, K, Y, and S. The colours of these trains are blue and green. When we compare the price of these trains, we see that they are more affordable than other high-speed trains.

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Train travel is secure in China

Like in the US and Europe, train travel is very secure for travelers. In terms of security, you need to show your passport and ID to enter the station, and an X-ray scanner is used to scan luggage to get into the station. However, there is a difference between metro and rural cities, and urban cities have more security and features.

How to Book Cheap Flights to China?

People who are thinking of going to China need to understand some facts about this country. You must be clear about the visa rules because China is also strict now, and before you book your hotel or flight, you must get a clear idea about the travel policy and visa policy of the country.

Hotel booking should be made after the visa clearance or the green flag from the side of the Visa. It helps you to do things carefully. The next question is about booking a cheap flight ticket to China. How to do this? You must use some brilliant airfare hacks and travel booking ideas. These are given here.

1. Check the China ticket price for one-way first because sometimes round-trip is more expensive for the flyers. Hence, they must be aware of the fact that they need to check the one-way fare, too.

2. Contact the local travel booking agencies in China to know about the rates or pricing of all travel bookings. If you choose the domestic China travel booking, then it will be cost-effective for you.

3. Travel in China is not very expensive for travellers when they know about intelligent travel hacks and airfare ideas. Therefore, if you are planning to manage your travel, explore all possible cheapest ways to book a trip to China.

4. At Faressaver, you can check the possible discounts for booking cheap flights to China because it helps them to arrange ticket bookings at a lower cost.

5. Air China and China Airlines are some major popular airlines in the country, but there are so many other low-cost flag carriers in the country that you can choose to fly.


1. Travel by train in China – safe or not?

Yes, it is the most secure country in terms of train travel in comparison to the US and Europe.

2. Is it easy to travel around China?

Yes, it is easy to travel around China by train because it is an affordable choice.

3. What is the most common transportation in China?

Train or rail systems are the most common means of transportation in China.

4. How to book cheap flights to China?

You can visit the Faressaver to book cheap flights to China.

5. What are the ways for beginners to travel to China?

You can choose a bus, private taxi, cab and train for travel in this country.