Guide to History of Houston: Flying to Houston's Historical Landmarks

Houston is the top place of the United States. Are you planning for the travel of this destination but not sure about the major things of this destination? If yes, then this is the right place for you to know more about the flying goals of Houston. Visiting the historical landmarks are one of the crucial things for the flyers, that they can’t miss at all, when they are thinking to visit this place and want to explore all the major things. There is a wide history of this place and in the 19th century town has been popular because of many historical changes. Culture and heritage of the city has been popular among the Americans and that’s why visitors are also fascinated with the historical facts of Houston.

There is No doubt that there are many museums and cultural places are popular of the places for the amazing experience of history. The place is offering great historical landmarks to all visitors in Houston. We are going to mention some of the places through which you can know about the history of Houston.

San Jacinto Monument

The place is an epic tribute to the Battle of San Jacinto. The role of this monument is vital in the independence of Texas and that’s why people visit this memorial. When we talk about the global scale fact of the place then we can say that it is the tallest war memorial of the world. We can see the panoramic view of the battlefield from this memorial.

The Menil Collection

You will be amazed with the twentieth century architecture of this place because apart from modern buildings, Menil Collection is the top most building of the city. The place represent the modern works and also highlight the textures of colors in the form of artworks.

Rothko Chapel

Among all Houston Historical Landmarks, This place is an ultimate space of modern art and introspection. Here we can see the Mark Rothko’s big scale artwork. This building has been popular in Houston because of the octagonal design and skylight. Therefore, if you are thinking to experience something more in the art and architecure, then don’t miss to visit the Chapel’s architecture at this place.

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Museums And Cultural Institutions

You can enjoy the sidewalks with trees at this place. There is an amazing experience visitors can gain from the Museums and Cultural Institutions. From space to fine arts, everything is amazing at this place and you will definitely love to explore the fine arts of the Museum.

Space Center Houston

When you have a dream to visit the center of NASA, then Space Center Houston is ready to give you that kind of experience. Hence, let’s join this center on your upcoming trip and emerge yourself with the immersive experience of NASA Center. There are many live shows happen at the place to explore and good collection of Space Artefacts. What you can see at this place? You can see the moon rocks and spacecraft and also experience the shuttle replica mounted on the Historic NASA 905.

Museum Of Fine Arts

Are you also looking for the answer of this question - Does Houston have any historical landmarks?

Yes, there are so many historical and even wide range of historical landmarks that you need to explore and this time Museum of Fine Arts is the top most place to visit for the travelers. You can check the modern works here because this place has been popular for the amazing exhibition and people can use the audio guides to know more. There are frequent live music shows are available on this place.

The Rienzi

This Houston Historical Landmark is the wide extension of the Museum of Fine Arts. You can explore the big mansion here which is surrounded with the garden. The place is focusing on the European artworks and you can check the different tours description at the entry of this place. What is the noteworthy features of this place? You can explore the European decorative arts of the place and check period room setting of the 17th century.

Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park is a best outdoor park to explore in Houston. You can explore the natural beauty of Houston at this place because this garden is located at the heart of the city. There are so many amazing things of this place such as the remarkable views of the Houston Skyline and this historical Buffalo Bayou is good to enjoy the nature activities.

Hermann Park

This park is a good place to explore the cultural experience and known for the best experience of historical facts to know about Houston. Both indoor and outdoor activities are the part of this place. Which is the best thing about the place? You can enjoy the serene view of Japanese garden that offers tranquil views as well. Wide range of wildlife is also the part of the garden.

The Bottom Line

Thus, it’s all about the list of Houston Historical Places that you must visit, when you are thinking to visit this destination. The city is rich with the historical facts and landmarks and people who are curious to know about the history of the United States, may never want to miss the historical places of the destination. At Faressaver, people can explore the options of cheap flights to Houston and save more on the air tickets. Here you can set the fare alert for the Houston travel to the cheap fare alert now.

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1. Are QR codes and audio guides available at the historical places of Houston?


2. What kind historical landmarks are the part of Houston?

From Museums to Gardens, there are wide options of historical landmarks available at this place.

3. Where Can I enjoy the underground tunnel experience in Houston?

You need to visit the Hermann Park.

4. Which is the cheapest month to visit Houston?


5. Which is the most luxurious airline to fly for Houston?

American Airlines