Know Before You Go: Forbidden Items on Flights

Travelling by flight is such a dream for so many flyers. However, there are some rules and regulations that you need to know about flying on a plane. Your baggage is essential; only some things are allowed on the flight. So many items are not permitted on flights, known as forbidden items. Here is the checklist to know.

Travelling is never easy for flyers when they don’t know the rules and regulations. When packing your bags, you must ensure you are not allowed to carry in the check-in or checked bags. Thus, make sure to check all the items which are not permitted in the baggage and pack the bags smartly.

Which item is not allowed in flight for carry-on

Some significant things are restricted on aeroplanes, and first, we will mention the forbidden items for carry-on luggage. Some items are not allowed in the carry-on luggage but are allowed as checked baggage. What are these items? Here are the major carry-on items which are not allowed on planes.

1. Sharp Items

No sharp item is included in the carry-on luggage. These items are box cutters, picks, pocket knives, round-bladed butter knives and ice axes. On the other hand, razor-type blades, scissors, and meat cleavers of more than 4 inches are also not allowed in carry-on luggage. However, these items are allowed in the checked baggage and should be wrapped and handled properly.

2. Sports and Athletic Equipment

Many people also carry their sports equipment during their travel goals, so they need to know “What is the carry-on luggage limit for sports equipment?”. Balls are the exception, and many sports equipment count in the forbidden items in flight, such as golf clubs, ski poles, lacrosse sticks, martial arts weapons, baseball bats, hiking poles, martial arts weapons, and tent spikes, are prohibited items in carry-on luggage. These items are allowed in the checked baggage only. However, some exceptions exist for the flyers on sports equipment such as tennis rackets, fishing poles, longboards, and snow shoes.

Self-Defense Items

Many people also carry self-defence items in their carry-on luggage, but these items are not allowed. Self-defence, such as pepper spray, black jackblackjacksuckles, Kubotans, and other material materials, such as weapons, are weapons permitted in carry-on luggage.

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Gel Candles

Are gel candles allowed in the carry-on baggage? What is forbidden on aeroplanes? Gel candles are also among the items that are not permitted in your carry-on luggage and are only allowed in checked baggage. Therefore, avoid carrying this candle and pack it perfectly for the checked baggage.

Large quantities of alcohol

Alcohol exceeding 3.4 ounces is not allowed for your flight carry-on luggage. On the other hand, a beverage with more than 70% alcohol content, including grain alcohol and rum, is not allowed both for checked and carry-on baggage.


People can carry well-packaged ammunition and well-packed guns in the checked luggage, but it must be declared before check-in. According to the TSA rules, “Firearms can carry the guns in the checked bags”, but these guns must be unloaded and packed in the hard-sided container. Before going for the airline check-in, you must declare that you have the weapon in the check-in bag.

Forbidden Items on Flights in both carry-on and checked baggage

A few items and terms are prohibited and forbidden for carry-on and checked luggage. Hence, when packing your bags, keep these things on your list.

Alcoholic beverages over 140 Proof

Any drink with more than 70% alcohol content is not allowed for carrying and checking baggage luggage.

Flammable items

When it comes to knowing about the forbidden items on an aeroplane, then we can say that aerosol cans, butane, fuels, gasoline, lighter fluid, flammable paints, turpentined, paint thinker, plasma lighters, e-lighters, electronic lighters and gas torches are not allowed in the airline.

Explosive materials

There are so many different explosive materials, including fireworks, flares, hand grenades, blasting caps, dynamite, and replicas, which are not allowed in the plane.


Chlorine, bleach, spillable batteries, spray paint, fertilizers, tear gas, and fire extinguishers are dangerous and prohibited on commercial passenger aircraft.

Outdoor and wildlife safety products

Bear bangers and bear spray are not allowed on commercial aircraft. That means many outdoor and wildlife safety products are prohibited in checked carry-on luggage.

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Therefore, it’s all about what you need to know about the forbidden items on flights. This list is enough to understand – what to pack or not. Even “what to pack for carry-on luggage” and “what to pack for checked baggage”. These items are not allowed in the baggage, and if you carry the prohibited items, the airline may not board you on the plane, or you may need to leave the item at the airport. Hence, make sure to check the complete checklist of forbidden items on flights.

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1. Can I carry Talcum powder as a carry-on for my flight?

No, the check-in bag is only allowed.

2. What kind of baggage does cello or masking tape have for baggage?

It only comes in the check-in luggage.

3. What is the maximum lithium battery weight for baggage?

2 KG.

4. Is liquid bleach allowed in the bag?


5. What are the prohibited food items in the baggage?

Copra and Coconut Crush are not allowed.