Flying High: Your Ultimate Guide on How to Become an Airline Pilot

There are so many hard-working boys and girls who want to become airline pilots because they want to fly high and are looking for an ultimate guide on how to become an airline pilot. Therefore, this blog helps all professionals who wish to make their career in this industry. Becoming a pilot is a dream of so many people, but there is no doubt that qualifying for the exam is not an easy task, and it needs lots of preparation, research, continuity and hard work from the students. This is an easy guide that helps you to know how to become a highly skilled pilot. Let's get started now.

To Become an Airline Pilot Do Proper Research

The first thing you must do while searching for the airline pilot guide is complete proper research. Thanks to the so many web options nowadays, students can skip offline sources and places when searching for information online. What is the most important thing for the research? It would help if you found the excellent pilot schools first. There are so many pilot schools in the country and other international destinations. Therefore, this is the first and essential step for the boys and girls who want to become a private and commercial pilot.

These schools give flight training and conduct exams as well. Different pilot courses and exams are available; you must compare all courses and select the one that best matches your country's airline pilot requirement. For example, if you want to become a pilot in India, there are some specific rules that you need to qualify for, and that's why school selection and course selection depend on the country's requirements.

Proceed for the admission flight

Admission flight is the next step that the flyers need to complete before enrolling in the pilot training program. This is the first-ever training session for pilots to learn flight lessons. What you can learn from this session? You will learn about the first-hand training, aircraft and quality of instruction because a flight school always give introductory training – what they will teach you in the complete course.

Enroll for FAA Medical Certificate

There are some essential medical requirements to fly professionally, and you must meet higher medical standards than recreational pilots. Therefore, you must enrol for the first-class medical certification, which you can get from the Aeromedical Examiner or AME.

Enroll for FAA Student Pilot Certificate

At the next step, you need to enrol for the FAA student pilot certificate, and through this certification, you can proceed as an airline pilot. The FAA-integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application website is the right place for students to enrol for the FAA student pilot certificate.

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Now begin your flight training sessions

The "step will help you learn about flight training sessions when looking to become a commercial pilot. Through these sessions, you can begin the working journey and learn about aeronautical pilot training experience requirements that you need to become a private pilot.

Cross Your Private Pilot Knowledge Test

Now, let's talk about private pilot flight training because you can pass the private pilot knowledge test through this training. You need to pass the computer-based FAA private pilot knowledge test. You must be eligible for the test and receive an endorsement from the flight instructor.

Go through the pass private pilot practical exam

This is the final and last step to becoming an airline pilot, and you need to pass the private pilot practical exam and earn your FAA private pilot certificate. This exam will be conducted through a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). You have to give both oral and flight portions.

Airline Pilot in India – Everything Need to Know

If you want to become a professional airline partner, this post is available for commercial pilots, pilots in the Indian Air Force, and airline pilots and fighter pilots. What are the entrance exams for this post? The entrance exams are known as NDA, CDS and AFCAT. A student who wants to take these exams should qualify 10+2 in physics, chemistry, and maths.

So many candidates want to become airline pilots in India, so they need to know about two specific industries for becoming pilots: commercial and civil aviation and government pilots. Civil Aviation is a significant way to become an airline pilot in India. Candidates must secure several commercial pilot certifications to become a pilot through Civil Aviation. This is the right way to become a commercial pilot in India after the 12th. Flight Safety Academy (USA), CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, etc., are the industries for which training is required to become an airline partner.

Through the Indian Air Force, candidates can become pilots in the commercial and government sectors. First, students must pass the NDA and entrance exams, like the AFCAT.

Wrap Up

This information is appropriate for all those students looking to learn how to become a professional airline pilot. These are the significant steps that you need to follow to gain the pilot degree. Undoubtedly, it is the most prestigious and reputed profession in the world. The salaries of government and private pilots are very high, and this profession is among the highest standards.

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- FAQs

1. How do you get a private pilot license?

It will take around three months to become a private pilot license.

2. What must you do to become an airline pilot after 12th h?

To become an airline pilot, you need to pursue an Aviation course such as B.Sc Aviation, B. Tech Aeronautical Engineering or equivalent.

3. How can I join government agencies or the Air Force in India as a pilot?

It would help if you cleared the NDA and AFCAT exams to become a government pilot.

4. What is the minimum qualification to become an airline partner?

12th pass.

5. What is the average salary of an airline partner?

It is around 10 Lakhs per month.