Unlocking Paradise: All About the Hawaii State Identification Card

People can unlock the paradise because there are so many beautiful places in Hawaii to explore. Hawaii State Identification card is the right way to explore all these destinations for local travel. How can you get these cards? These cards are available at any of the vehicle registration and licensing offices. You can get complete information on identification cards from the above blog through these cards. When it comes to knowing the validity of this card, we can say that it is valid for 8 years. The cost for renewal of the Hawaii State Identification Card is $40.

Important Documents Required for Hawaii State Identification Card

You must have proof of the legal name, date of birth, legal presence, proof of principal residence address, social security number, and proof of principal residence address. If the applicant is under 18 years old, then it must include the signature of a parent or guardian.

Legal name

Date of birth

Social security number- (effective June 18, 2021; presenting documentation is optional.)

Legal presence and

Proof of principal residence address

The application of a minor applicant under the age of 18 must include a signature from a parent or by another individual in loco parentis of the minor who can provide proof of guardianship. A certified copy of the minor's birth certificate is required to verify the name of the parent.

Easiest Place to Get a State ID

You can apply for the duplicate Hawaii state ID or any other city from the Country of Honolulu Driver Licensing Center by paying the fee for the duplicate ID fee or the new ID fee. You need to bring the current valid state ID for this objective.

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What Are the Important documents for the Hawaii State Identification Card?

Here is the list of all the documents which are required for the State Identification Card.

Valid Permanent Resident Card issued since 1997

U.S. State, Local Government Certified Birth Certificate.

U.S. Certificate of Citizenship

Valid and unexpired U.S. Passport.

U.S. Certificate of Naturalization

Military Documents: ID Card and U.S. military-issued Certificate of Birth. ID Card must contain a photo, Date of Birth (DOB) and name. DD-214 with name, DOB and social security number must match other submitted verification documents. DOD Common Access Card/U.S. Uniform Services ID and Privileges Card must contain photo, name and DOB

Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

Marriage Certificate (Government Issued)

Valid and unexpired Employment Authorization Document.

Unexpired foreign passport with a valid, unexpired U.S. visa affixed, accompanied by the approved I-94 form.

Valid and unexpired Temporary Resident Identification Card

Valid and unexpired TSA Transportation Worker Identification Credential

Court Order for Name Change/Adoption/Divorce

What are the essential documents for changing the name on the Identification Card?

Marriage Certificate issued by government.

Court Order for Name Change / Adoption / Divorce - no others (Legal Name / DOB / Court Seal required to accept the order.

Certified decree of name changes from the State of Hawaii Lieutenant Governor's Office.

Naturalization Certificate.

How to Get a State ID In Hawaii?

You can get a state I.D. by applying for a state I.D. card. To do this, you need to fill out the form.

You are not required to carry the state I.D., and it is voluntary and available for people who don't have a driver's license.

Documents must be original and certified copies to apply online or offline for the Hawaii State identification card.

Notarized copies and faxes are not acceptable

The license cost is around $40.

If a person is applying for the state I.D. and is under the age of 14, then that person must have a parent or guardian for the application.

It is a temporary I.D., and the I.D. card will be mailed to an applicant within 6 to 8 weeks.

State ID is valid for 8 years.

Limited Purpose State Identification

One more option is available for the people, and that is limited-purpose state identification. This card is available for anyone willing to get authorized proof of presence in the United States under Federal law. However, the applicant must submit the documents for the identity and Hawaii residency. This kind of state identification card is only for state identification, and it is not acceptable for official federal purposes.

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Hence, unlocking paradise with this government-issued I.D. in Hawaii is all about the Hawaii State Identification Card. We hope the above information is helpful for you in fetching the correct details about this card and the acceptable documents for applying for the Hawaii State Identification Card.


1. What is the fee for the Hawaii State Identification Card, both new and renewed?

New - 1 Year $5.00

New - 8 Year $40.00

Renewal - 1 Year $5.00

Renewal - 8 Year $40.00

Duplicate - $6.00

2. What is the minimum age for applying for a Hawaii card?

14 years.

3. What documents do I need to license in Hawaii as proof of name?

Certified Birth Certificate from a U.S. State or Local Government.

Unexpired U.S. Passport.

Military Document

Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

Valid and unexpired Employment Authorization Document.

Unexpired foreign passport with a valid U.S. visa and approved I-94 form.

U.S. Certificate of Naturalization.

U.S. Certificate of Citizenship.

Valid Permanent Resident Card issued since 1997.

Unexpired Temporary Resident Identification Card.

Unexpired TSA Transportation Worker Identification Credential.

Court Order for Name Change/Adoption/Divorce.

Government-issued Marriage Certificate.

4. What is the official website where you can apply for the Hawaii State identification card?

The website is, where you can apply for the license.