Flying Smart - 8 Tips to Avoid Excess Baggage Fee

Baggage fees are one of the reasons that your total travel budget is increasing. Hence, flying smart should be your first goal when you are working on the agenda, where you can learn about the tips to avoid excess baggage fees. This blog mainly focuses on tips that allow you to manage your travel booking without excess baggage charges. Therefore, if you are worried about the next trip because you don’t want to pay the baggage fee, you can save more on airline reservations by choosing the best tips.

The baggage fee significantly burdens the flyers; sometimes, it is higher than the standard fair or ticket charges. Therefore, you must understand how to reduce extra baggage fees' chances and circumstances. Flying smart should be your goal, and it is only possible when you are working on the tips to avoid excess baggage charges. Let’s get started.

1. Try to Fly with Those Airlines That Does Not Charge for Checked Baggage

We know about the checked baggage requirements for the flyers because they don’t want to pay the gage fee. Checked bags are so important, especially on an international trip. All these things will help you to manage the travel booking. It would help to choose only those airlines for travel goals that are not charged for checked bags. Yes, this is the right thing.

What are the excellent airlines

So many good airlines, such as JetBlue and Southwest, do not charge or check baggage fees. These are the two most popular domestic flag carriers to choose and fly for the flyers. You can consider the no-checked bags-based airlines if you do not want to pay extra for the baggage fee. These airlines especially offer free baggage for a few destinations, such as Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

One free checked bag for international flights

You can find the free baggage policy for checked bags when you book the main cabin on so many airlines. One or more than one checked bag is free for you when you choose the first class and business class flights.

2. Choose Premium Cabins to Fly

On the other hand, by selecting the premium cabins, you can also avoid the baggage fee, which is a big hack for the Flyers, through which they can avoid the checked baggage fee on the airline. In most business class and first-class flights, passengers have no checked baggage charges, but if you are flying economy class, you must pay the baggage charges.

Also, most airlines typically do not charge checked bag fees for flyers in premium cabins. If you’re flying first or business class, there’s a good chance you’re not paying to check your first bag or potentially even your second.

3. Use Elite Status of Airlines

The third major tip to avoid excess baggage fees on the airline is earning elite status. Yes, if you earned the elite status of the airline, then you can avoid the checked baggage fee. It would help if you chose an airline that is a member of a major airline alliance. Elite airline status not only allows for the free checked bag but is also suitable for priority boarding, automatic upgrades, and free checked bags.

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4. Kindly Use Duty-Free Bags

One more easy way that you need to know is to use duty-free bags. Yes, these bags are not counted in the carry-on luggage, and passengers can carry these bags in the free checked bags. You can buy duty-free online bags from duty-free shops. You can break the rules and avoid the baggage charges.

5. Wear Heavy Clothing

This is a good hack for the flyers, as they can wear heavy clothing on travel, and it is the right way to avoid weight restrictions. People who are smart flyers always keep bulky items on their bodies to avoid the extra baggage fee.

6. Buy an excellent portable travel bag.

Nowadays, airlines are very strict in their baggage policy, and due to the extra weight of the bags and extra dimensions, sometimes flyers need to pay the extra baggage fee. Therefore, you must avoid heavy bags and invest in portable and intelligent bags. It will help prevent luggage. There are many online portals where you can buy these fantastic travel bags.

7. Pack Smartly

You need to pack the bags smartly because if you do this task, you can easily carry multiple items in one bag. People who are not intelligent packers can never save money on extra luggage, and you need to pack things smartly and manage the stuff in a small space.

8. Always weigh the bag before leaving.

It would weigh you always leaving for the airport because it helps you manage your journey without paying the extra fee for overweight bags. These are tips to avoid additional baggage fees for the travel.

FAQs –

1. How can I avoid paying for extra baggage?

You can avoid extra baggage by choosing airlines and offering checked bags for the travel destination.

2. What are the excellent airlines in the US that can avoid excess baggage charges?

JetBlue and Southwest.

3. What is the excellent way to avoid overweight bags at the airport?

It would help if you weighed the bag before leaving for the airport.

4. How do you pack bags for an international trip?

Buy the duty-free bags and adjust the travel stuff smartly.

5. Which is the free item for domestic travel on the airlines?

One check-in bag is allowed for free.

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