Air India Infant Policy Demystified: Everything You Need to Know

Air India is the top airline in Asia, and when you are thinking about your small child, you must look at the Air India Infant Policy. It is important to understand this policy while flying with your loved ones. This category of travel comes under the category of "Unaccompanied Minors." On the other hand, one more airline policy allows children to travel alone with Air India. Yes, this is possible because of the Air India assistance. Through this blog, you can learn about Air India Infant Policy and everything you will know about Air India's Demystified Infant Policy.

Can your child travel alone on Air India Flight?

Yes, your child can travel alone with Air India because the airline offers safety and comfort to passengers of all ages. No matter whether the traveler is a 5-year-old child or a 65-year-old uncle? They are always working on the goals of more and more assistance.

Requirements for Infants on Airlines – Especially Air India

  • 1. Your child should be above 5 years old to travel alone on Air India.
  • 2. you need to know about the Air India Infant Policy's age limit, and the children's age must be between 5 and 12 years.
  • 3. Once your child reaches the airport, the trained and skilled staff will arrive for all arrivals and departures.
  • 4. For Infant minor travel, you must fill out the Unaccompanied Minor (UM) form by the guardian or parent. A dedicated cabin crew also ensures the assistance and care of your little ones.
  • 5. However, if your child is above 12 years old and less than 18 years old, then special handling services and assistance will be provided on request.

What kind of assistance is provided by Air India for Unaccompanied Children?

A special handling staff with the cabin crew and a special hostess is available for the unaccompanied children. Ground staff will complete all the arrival formalities with the minor and verify all contact details of the unaccompanied minor. Parents or guardians must complete the UM form to acknowledge the child's handover.

What is Air India, Infant Fare?

It depends on destination and region-wise fare. You can check this at the Air India official site, where you need to fill in the details of arrival and departure destination and travel dates along with cabin class.

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What is the age policy for unaccompanied minors in Gulf Region?

There are some rules for unaccompanied minors in the Gulf region of Air India. In the UAE, children aged 5 to 18 years are coming under unaccompanied minors; in other Gulf countries, children aged between 5 and 16 years come under unaccompanied minors.

What is the Cost of Infants Bassinets for Air India?

Yes, the airline is happy to offer you infant bassinets, but there is no cost by the airline. This is a free-of-cost service, and it is based on the subject of availability. However, you can request the infant bassinet while booking the flight tickets. You can also ask the Air India customer support portal.

What about child airplane seat extender?

There is no policy or terms for child airplane seat extenders onboard flights. Therefore, if you think about your child, this feature is nailable.

- Number of Infants allowed with one adult –

Now, let's talk about the number of infants allowed with one adult. Per the current Air India Infant policy, only one infant can travel with an adult. On the other hand, if you are traveling with more than 1 unaccompanied child under 2 years old, you must have one more adult as a company age 18 years or more.

Rules for Newborn Flights

There are some rules for Newborn flights on Air India and other airlines. In this article, we will specify the rules of Air India. You need to carry some of the important documents first, and these are –

  • 1. You need the birth certificate of the baby.
  • 2. You need to carry the vaccination certificate of the baby.
  • 3. A passport is also mandatory for international travel.

Sometimes, the airlines also allow traveling with infants below 7 days of age in case of a medical emergency. You must bring a medical certificate signed by the doctor and get approval and clearance from the Air India medical department.

If any person cannot support all these documents, then an adult fare is applicable on the date of booking.

The Bottom Line

Hence, it's all about Air India's Infant policy demystified, and this is all about everything you need to know. We hope the above blog is helpful for you in learning about the Air India minor policy. Whenever you are going to travel with a minor child or your below 12-year-old child is traveling alone in the airline. You must first read the Air India unaccompanied minor and infant policies.

Air India is a good airline for the child travel and kids can also travel alone in the airline who are below 12 years and need special assistance. From cabin crew to air hostess and special trained staff, everyone always try to feel comfortable a child while traveling alone.

- FAQs

1. What is the age limit of unaccompanied minors in Air India?

5 to 12 years.

2. What are the important documents for the newborn baby travel in Air India?

Medical certificate and birth certificate.

3. Are special handling services available for young passengers for Air India's Infant policy?

Yes, passengers between 12 and 18 years old will get assistance in handling services.

4. What form do you need to fill out for Air India unaccompanied minors?

Unaccompanied Minor (UM) form.

5. Is Air India a good airline for the travel of children below 12 years?

This airline is good and receives the best rating for the unaccompanied minor.

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