Travel Smarter: A Comprehensive Look at Checked Baggage Requirements

One of the enormous contradictions in the mind of flyers is understanding the airline's checked baggage policies. Travel Smarter is not just a goal but a big mission for all the flyers looking for great tips to enjoy the vacation. This comprehensive guide looks at the checked baggage requirements for the flyers. Therefore, let’s start with how the airline charges and manages the checked bags according to their rules.

All airlines have different rules; sometimes, almost the same rules are applied for several bags allowed in the check-in and checked bags. Therefore, possible charges on the extra checked bags are essential to know. There is one more thing you need to know: es may also vary depending on the loyalty program status of the flye airline's flyers; whenever you purchase any flight ticket for your route or where you will fly, you need to understand the checked baggage requirements. This is essential information for you to know about the rules regarding carry-on and checked luggage.

What is Checked Baggage?

This kind of baggage is held in the plane, and a passenger will not get access to this kind of baggage during the flight. A passenger-checked bag will be weighed and measured at the check-in counter, and then it will go to the conveyor belt and into the bowls of the airport. Cargo will hold the passengers' checked baggage. Before check-in, you must make sure the airline has checked baggage rules. Once the passengers land at their destination, they will get the checked luggage to the carousel in the arrival area. Sometimes, this luggage also passes through customs and passport checks. Sometimes, passengers also need to wait longer for the checked baggage handover.

Know About the Weight Limit of Checked Bags –

The following important question of the flyers is the checked baggage weight limit. What is the limit of checked bags? This information may vary from airline to airline, and mainly, the central weight limit in most airlines is 50 lbs for business and first-class tickets. If your weight is oversized and overweight, you must pay the excess baggage fee.

What is the approved cabin baggage?

If you think that you have more bags to carry, then it is essential to understand that you should book extra checked luggage in advance rather than pay for oversized and overweight checked baggage because you can buy a new plane ticket at the same cost.

Carry-On Baggage – Everything You Need to Know

Carry-on luggage varies from airline to airline, and the flyers choose a class before class if they are traveling on any aircraft. Then, they check the carry-on baggage requirement as per the airline and the selected reservation class. According to the rules, the maximum allowed length of the carry-on luggage is 56 CM, width is 45 CM, and depth is 25 CM. These dimensions include the wheels, side pockets, and handles.

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Luggage Weight Limit for International Flights

Apart from the dimensions, weight limitations are essential to know, and in some airlines, the weight limit is 5 kg for carry-on luggage. It would help if you tried to avoid the additional charges for carry-on luggage. Then, you must check the airline dimensions and weight requirements because carry-on baggage extra weight and dimensions will also increase the charges on the carry-on luggage.

Users can also visit the airline's official website to learn about the extra carry-on baggage requirements and the allowance through which they can pack their bags exactly as per their airline's baggage policy.

Know About the Rules of Portable Electronic Devices and Lithium Batteries

There is one more thing in the checked baggage for the flyers that they need to understand: the rules for portable electronic devices and lithium batteries because these devices may create the issue of fire risk on the plane if not packed and handled safely. Therefore, according to the checked baggage rules, whenever you are traveling with these kinds of devices, such as spare batteries, electronic cigarettes, vapes, or any other portable electronic device, you must carry these items in the carry-on baggage and not checked luggage.

Rules of Sharp Objects

Let’s discuss sharp objects in the checked baggage rules, such as knives and metal-cutting products. These items are not allowed in the cabin baggage. When we talk about the rules of Liquids, Aerosols, Gels, & Powders, we can say that as per the security rules, the amount of liquids, items, and gels are permitted in the carry-on baggage.

Medical Supplies on Flight?

Checked baggage requirements are also applicable to medical supplies. Many times, flyers need medical syringes on the flight, including insulin, and they also have valid medical proof. Thus, if you have a valid medical document, you can carry these supplies; otherwise, you can’t. This type of material will be removed at the security screening.


1. What do you mean by standard-size checked bags?

Every airline has a rule for weight and dimension limits for checked bags, known as the standard size checked bag.

2. What is the average maximum dimension of checked bags?

158 CM.

3. What if my checked bag is oversized or overweight?

You have to pay the extra cost for this at the airport.

4. What are the standard dimensions of checked bags?

These are the standard dimensions.

24 (h) + 20 (w) + 18 (d) = 62 inches

26 (h) + 22 (W) + 14 (d) = 62 inches

30 (h) + 22 (w) + 14 (d) = 66 inches

5. What is the cost of carry-on luggage?

There is no cost for carry-on luggage because it is free on most airlines.

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